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Like the Potter films, Beasts is about a tight group of friends, only this time there are four instead of three. Newt teams up with Porpentina “Tina” Goldstein, an ambitious worker at the Stateside version of the Ministry of Magic, which is called the Magical Congress of the United States of America (MACUSA). Tina introduces Newt to her sister and room-mate Queenie, who is a ‘legilimens’ (a mind reader) with a big heart. And then there’s Jacob Kowalski, a factory worker who becomes the franchise’s first main No-Maj character. “At the beginning of the story, Jacob breaks up with his girlfriend and gets swept into this magical world with this sense of wonder and openness,” Heyman says. “He’s our window in.”

Filling out the cast are Colin Farrell as Graves, a MACUSA auror who goes after Newt; Samantha Morton as Mary-Lou, a No-Maj who leads the New Salem Philanthropic Society – a.k.a the Second Salemers; and Ezra Miller as her troubled adopted son, Credence. Credence is the most enigmatic character of the lot, and one who might evolve into somebody rather notable in the Potterverse.

As for those fantastic beasts of the title, the menagerie includes the niffler, a tiny treasure-hunter attracted to shiny things; the bowtruckle, a protective stick-shaped being that lives in Newt’s pocket; and the deadly lethifold, which smothers victims in their sleep. 

Source: Entertainment Weekly Issue #1389