Alison Sudol

“Queenie is the most delightful human being. She is warm-hearted, she is full of love and light, she is so accepting. She is lovely inside out but she also has this ability that makes her particularly special which is that she reads minds, but it’s not just reading a person’s immediate thoughts, she is reading a person’s story. She’s reading into them – the more she tunes into a person, the more that she sees. She’s this extraordinary empath and it’s a gift that comes in handy quite a bit in this film, but also just has given her a really interesting quality because while she is so loving and outgoing, she’s always looking out and she’s always receiving and that’s actually made her a tiny bit isolated. It’s kept her very pure because she’s had, she’s been protected, mainly by her sister, Tina, she’s been allowed to stay pure. She’s a wonderful character.”

Source: YouTube