David Yates

“There’s a scene where Jacob is left by his girlfriend. He comes back from the bank. He’s been rejected for his loan. He comes to the tenement building and Jo wanted to cut it out of the original script. I said, “Are you kidding? No, we’ve got to keep this. It’s beautiful. Jacob being dumped by this girl because he didn’t get his loan for his bakery.” We shot it and it’s a lovely scene, but in the balance of the movie, when I was working on it, it just felt spare somehow.

There’s a few scenes like that that we took out, which just made the movie better. It’s weird. Out of context when you watch it, it’s absolutely delightful because Jacob comes home, the girlfriend is waiting. She runs down the street. She says, “How did it go? Did you get your loan?” He says, “No.” She gives him her engagement ring and puts it in his hand and says, “I thought you were building a bakery,” and walks off into the street. It is so beautiful. It’s funny and it’s tender and it’s sad, but actually, by losing it, it gave the whole first act more momentum and you’re so with Jacob at that point anyway. There’s a few things like that we took out, though.”

Source: Collider