David Yates

What took fifty takes in Fantastic Beasts?

“Maybe we didn’t go as far as fifty in Beasts… Katherine Waterston running up some steps. I know that sounds bonkers but we were so obsessed with the rhythm of her footsteps, tap-tap-tap-tap-tap, because the rhythm of her footsteps sort of told you a story about her state of mind. So we were trying to figure out what would be the best rhythm, she’d run up the steps tap-tap-tap, no that doesn’t quite do it, let’s try tap-a-tap-a-tap, no that’s not right either, and so that took a few takes!

I’ll tell you a good one. Eddie, on that Keaton-esque physical comedy thing, doing a left-hand turn in the bank following the Niffler and he had to go along and pretend he wasn’t turning because people were watching him, so he had this comedic walk and I was obsessed with this weirdly funny John Cleese-like turn of a walk. Once we started that, we couldn’t stop and Eddie couldn’t stop. And I think we got it and then Eddie said ‘No, I need to do it again!’ so we did it and we did it and we did it and we did it so many times and then I cut it out of the movie! So it was never in the movie!”

Source: DenOfGeek