Katherine Waterston

“With the costume design, I was thinking of ease-of-use and someone who doesn’t give a damn about the fashion of the times, doesn’t have the money to go buy fancy things, is wanting it to all be utility, and so Colleen [Atwood] and I together came up with this idea that I was sort of shopping out of my parents’ closet.  So, the trousers are my father’s, but I had to take them in at the waist, so now they’re too short – Who cares? Can’t be bothered.  This shirt isn’t 20’s, it’s not like the latest fashion; it’s actually more Victorian, something of my mother’s that was still in the closet.  So when I got to be their size, I just took their old clothes. It’s so wild now, because it’s all been mass-produced.  And the locket was something that was so dear to me, and I loved so much, and their pictures were inside, and now it’s on all these little dolls and stuff, and I’m thinking, “That’s my fucking locket.  What you doing with it?””

Source: Screen Anarchy