David Yates

“The scenes we cut out, there are two scenes, two of my favorite scenes in the whole movie that I cut out. When I watched them with Mark, we reviewed the DVD extras the other day, and I said to Mark [Day], my editor, I can’t believe I’ve taken these out, I must be insane. But they feel right. When you see the movie, it’s the right thing to do. But when you see them individually, we go, why did we take that out?

One is Jacob coming home from the bank and he’s been refused the loan and Mildred, his girlfriend, is waiting for him. She runs up in the street to see him and she says, did you get the loan? And he says, no I didn’t get the loan. And she takes her ring off and gives it back to him. And she says, I thought you were getting a bakery and leaves him. It’s a really heartbreaking scene and Dan’s beautiful in it.

There’s another scene where Alison and Katherine, in the case, sing the Ilvermorny song, the school song. I asked Alison would she write it, and she wrote this beautiful Ilvermorny school song. And they sing it together and the two boys, Jacob and Newt, they sit there and they watch. And as the girls perform this song, this ode to Ilvermorny, they slowly fall in love. They’re both beautiful scenes, but in the movie and in the momentum of the movie they didn’t quite work. So those two. And there’s more.”

Source: SlashFilm