Dan Fogler

Fogler assumed his character was Jewish until he asked Fantastic Beasts screenwriter J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books, during the film’s shoot. To his surprise, she replied that the character was a Christian.

He sees Kowalski as a kind of “sad clown”. “He’s back from World War I, where he’s seen some really scary, horrendous stuff,” Fogler said. “But he’s somehow been able to maintain a level of compassion and kindness. All he wants to do is to make people happy with carbs.”

On the set, Rowling hinted at where the Fantastic Beasts story line might go in the four upcoming films of the franchise. The Goldstein sisters’ Jewish heritage will take on more significance as the timeline moves toward the Nazis and World War II, Fogler said. And it’s perhaps no coincidence that the no-maj-hating dark wizard who will come to power shares the genocidal tendencies of the Third Reich. “I think there’s something they’re trying to get at with [that] mentality, when it comes to wizards being [supposedly] superior to muggles,” Fogler said.

Source: Jewish Journal