Katherine Waterston

“Their world is very insulated and private. They don’t often have any guests so this is a total freak exception, which added another level to it. It was really fun to figure out how to show the private and the new experiences at the same time.

I’m a bit more the father and she’s a bit more the mother. Queenie has a generous, maternal quality to her. She cooks beautiful, elaborate meals. And, maybe, in their loneliness, they’ve fallen into that dynamic, where I’m trying to be the breadwinner, and she’s doing the ironing. On one level it’s a throwback relationship: they’re the mother and father they lost. Then, also, there are aspects to both of them that I think are underdeveloped, because they never really got to be kids. So, on another level, they’re like two kids in their bunk bed, and maybe part of the journey in the film is just bringing them to their actual place in the world.”

Source: Movie-Making News (page 31)