Alison Sudol

“I was told certain things way, way, way before the script got to us, so I was prepared in a certain way for the arc, but I couldn’t wrap my head around why at all. And even when I read the script I still couldn’t understand. And it took a lot of digging in, and I spent a lot of time with so many questions and I had so many notes, and I was reading different things and archetypes, and trying to figure out how this could happen and what led her there. And talking to David Yates a ton, and then David was talking to Jo, and they were conferring and coming back to me, and ultimately, you have this young woman who desperately wants to have a family because she’s an orphan, it’s always been her and her sister, and then she falls in love and the man she falls in love with alienates her from her sister because her sister’s a real rule-follower and they’re not supposed to be together these two. So right there, the foundation of her family is ruptured. It’s not solid anymore and she wants to solidify it so badly. And so then she makes some decisions which maybe in hindsight aren’t necessarily the wisest, but she’s just doing what she can, out of a lot of fear. And adding to this, she has this enormous gift that is one that very few wizards have. It’s rare and it’s powerful, and in her world at least, it’s a nuisance. People are always saying, “Queenie, stop reading my mind!”.

In the greater wizarding world it is revered, but she hasn’t been taught how to hone it or anything, so she’s got this part of herself that she hasn’t integrated, and so you have all of these things which take her off of her balance and you have her in Paris and she can’t read minds in other languages, and that’s the other problem, she couldn’t even read Eddie/Newt’s mind – he’s got an accent, but forget it in Paris! And so she is just off her kilter and getting more and more desperate to try and solidify something, and so if you think about it like that, it actually makes quite a lot of sense. And also, one hopes it would help people empathise with those who are also vulnerable who are manipulated and brought into causes that are radical – causes where from an outside view you think, ‘How could somebody ever do that?’ But actually, if someone is lonely enough and lost enough and they are greeted with love and compassion and welcoming, that is a very powerful and very dangerous power.”

Source: CoupDeMain