Dan Fogler

“All my scenes made it into the movie. Thank God. No, they were very streamlined about certain stories. Like, so I knew like you couldn’t really tell my story without every single scene. But there were certain moments that were inside that scene, like there’s extended versions of that scene when I’m like under her spell at the dinner table. There was a whole bit that I had where I was putting salt on the food, and then it’s magic salt and the salt just keeps pouring, and then there’s a pile of salt on my plate. Just all these crazy Chaplin-esque bits that I put together for that moment, that were just too much for the length of that scene. There were moments in – oh, yeah, I guess there was something that was cut out. Yeah, now that I think about it. You know when we go into the sewers? I react very big to Pickett the Bowtruckle opening the gate. He opens it and I’m just like, “Ha, ha, ha, ha. Thank God,” whatever. And it’s because there’s something that’s cut out of that. What was cut out of it was we’re trapped in there with that gate closed, and then suddenly this like weird dragon creature starts rising out of the sewers and slowly, and all these little critters start scurrying toward us. That’s why I was just extremely happy that the gate came open. But I guess it still works in the way it is. You always run the risk of like having too big of a reaction if they cut something out, you know?

As they go along and they edit everything together, they realise, “Well, we can’t have that scene with all the critters ’cause that would give this bit away later.” Everything kind of works out in the end.”

Source: Collider