Jude Law

“The intensity of that young friendship that obviously ended in a way that forced the two of them in very opposite directions and to carry such complicated feelings for each other is obviously the mine field that needs to be investigated to understand exactly what’s going on. And also, I don’t think this is giving anything away, [but] in order for Grindelwald to be brought to justice, we’ve got to understand what it was initially that made them friends and what they promised [to each other] in order to understand what it is to bring him down.

What’s interesting is I think Dumbledore sees the good in everybody, and I think there’s a part of him that hopes he can probably still bring Grindelwald around. At the same time, lives matter. Grindelwald is the sort of person that’s pushed everyone and their morals and what they’re willing to put up with, to a testing point, so at some point, Dumbledore’s going to have to draw the line and step up.”

Source: ENews