David Yates

“Yes, I mean in the original, the very first draft of the screenplay, Hogwarts didn’t actually exist. It was very much grounded in Paris and in London and then, of course, over a period of about six months, eight months, there’s a lot of back and forth, a lot of discussion, and it felt right to explore that side of Jo’s world. And Jo was reticent at first to go there, she said ‘I don’t think we need to go there’ and we felt it would be intriguing to sort of… Dumbledore only appeared in London, we never saw him at the school, but the further we got into the development of the story, the deeper we went into it, the more we all became fascinated by the idea of going back, including Jo. And so we reached a point where Jo went away and she came back with a draft that introduced this whole middle section that developed the story of Leta Lestrange, developed the idea of Newt as a younger man, and that all came out of the process of sitting in a room together and exploring the characters, exploring all the narrative threads she was creating. And that excited us all when she’d written that new sequence at Hogwarts and she finally said ‘yes, I’m really excited about this now’, so it came out of that development process and that back and forth.”

Source: RTBF