Colleen Atwood

“[Grindelwald’s costume] was just a great opportunity [because] a) you get Johnny and b) you get this Austrian character, and I’ve always loved alpine clothing. I love lederhosen and those curly brimmed hats. It’s all very Tirolian. So I took my early inspiration from that. I just made lederhosen into longer knee-length trousers and added high-laced boots. Then with his coat I did a combination of alpine rock star meets 18th century timelessness. I shortened the waist coat, which is very alpine-esque, and combined it with a higher-waisted trouser. On the right guy a slightly cropped jacket and higher waist creates a great silhouette. He’s got embroidery on these sort of sharavary trousers, which are those little charms, you know, that kind of hark to that alpine tradition.”

Source: GQ