David Heyman

“One of the things I love about this film and, I think we will find more, as we go on, is the insight into Dumbledore. Yes, Dumbledore’s introduced in this film, and he’ll become a more significant as we go on. But I think the whole exploration of Dumbledore as not the person who we spent time with in the Harry Potter films – I mean, he is, but it’s how he became who he became. And we always knew he was a puppet master, and he is a little bit here too. Like he did with Harry, he’s been playing Newt a little bit. Newt went to New York, in part, because of what Dumbledore did. But also Dumbledore’s demons, his dark side. The fact that he and Grindelwald were so close, that there was a point where he was not unsympathetic to Grindelwald. He loved him, and though we only touch on the love now, again, it will go deeper. It’s where it should be right now. You can’t do everything in one film. But I think, it’s pretty clearly suggested, with “we were more than friends.” We may not see them making out in that film. Which maybe some people want. But you really get a sense there was more there. That’s, you know, getting a sense of his demons, and the appeal of Grindelwald, the power of Grindelwald is something that we see in this, and we’ll see going forward.”

Source: Collider