David Yates & David Heyman

How does Aurelius fit into the Dumbledore family tree? There are so many possibilities between Aberforth, Ariana, etc.

David Yates: “It was always pretty much of how the script started. It was always the big climax of the script right from the very first draft. And there’s a lot to come in the next story, so at risk of not wanting to spoil what’s to come, I don’t know that we really want to talk too much about the intricacies of the family tree, as it were. Other than, we were all gobsmacked when we read that first screenplay, that first draft, to see that Credence was actually a Dumbledore.”

David Heyman: “We didn’t know it was coming. We all had the same reaction, “Oh my goodness!” All these possible theories is that we want fans to be thinking of for the next couple of years in the run up to … that there are various ways that this could play out of how he fits in.”

David Yates: “Correct. And there’s a very intricate, lovely beginning of 3 that we discover a few things about the family.”

David Heyman: “I think one of the great pleasure of this film and of continuing to work for Fantastic Beasts is that we are getting closer to the beginning of the Harry Potter stories, and the connective tissue between the two worlds, the two time frames, becomes more pronounced. So clearly we do know that Grindelwald and Dumbledore is central to this series, and we have an idea of, in a broad sense, of where that might go. But clearly Dumbledore is a character himself who – he’s not exactly the Dumbledore of Harry Potter. In a way, this is the Dumbledore before. This is the making of the Dumbledore. But Dumbledore is someone who is riddled with demons. When he’s manipulating Newt or Harry, he’s not doing it maliciously. He wouldn’t want to harm them in any way at all. He’s doing it for his own version of the “greater good”. Grindelwald talks about the greater good, but Dumbledore’s really doing it to protect – for wizardkind and mugglekind.”

Source: Empire Film