Johnny Depp

(Note, this interview was originally published in Chinese. This is a translated version by the Source link below)

“I think that [JK] Rowling designed this plot segment so well, explaining how the old days of Grindelwald and Dumbledore’s love-hate relationship was established. In my opinion, they have a strange kind of companionship. For each other, they are the best, and I think that has been an intense love between them, and this kind of love created the reflection that they see of themselves.

But for Grindelwald, his love comes with jealousy. He claimed to be the most powerful Dark Wizard but, deep down, he knows that Dumbledore is as powerful as he is, and will certainly become stronger, and his ego eventually led them to go in separate ways. Grindelwald’s heart is filled with hatred, but do you know what this hate represents? The other side of hatred that is not seen by others: wounds, pain, love and regrets that can’t be revealed. I understand the relationship between Grindelwald and Dumbledore from this point of view. From some lines of the film, you can also feel the paradoxical contradiction between them – incompatible as fire and water, however also mutually bound. Grindelwald’s final choice is to embark on the road of “becoming Grindelwald”, and are hidden in all kinds of details. I think the past of Grindelwald and Dumbledore must be full of pain, so I also want to know what happened between them.

I believe that even without the blood pact, Dumbledore will be very contradictory in whether or not he can fight against Grindelwald. This is even a contradiction for Grindelwald, because he doesn’t know if Dumbledore would meet him one day. But I think he is expecting the ultimate confrontation between them two, because it will evoke their emotions and memories.

When their love reaches the point of no return, Grindelwald will inevitably need this war to reach the other side of his heart. His hatred, jealousy and bitterness will all erupt at that moment. Grindelwald is very confident that no-one in the magical world can be his opponent, because his name is his faith. But it’s precisely his pride that will eventually become a weapon to destroy him completely.”

Source: MovieView