Katherine Waterston

“There are many things that haven’t been explored yet in this film, but I’m very interested in what big changes Queenie will make in the next film. For Tina, I think there is a price she has to pay for not being able to protect Queenie. Tina was so focused on protecting Credence that she had lost sight of what she was really close to. Looking back a little, Tina’s mistake has been she just realised that Queenie is her most important person while fighting Grindelwald in this climax. Tina has had a great deal of responsibility for Queenie since she was an orphan at an early age. Tina wants Queenie safe and secure. But in this film, Queenie thinks, “Tina doesn’t wish for me to be happy.” These misunderstandings led to a major tragedy this time, which ultimately compromised the security of Queenie, whom Tina wants to protect most.”

Source: GetNews & Translation