Katherine Waterston

“I didn’t consider it jealousy [of Leta]. Tina was very sad and wounded. She thought she had a very good relationship with Newt but it was different, so she felt angry and sad.

It’s a fun feeling to watch two people in a movie together, and even in a difficult situation, they can complement each other’s magic from the compatibility of these two people or get over a critical situation and have a wonderful experience. She feels very disappointed that they can help each other and get together, but not together. The pain that she has is painful, but she thinks she still has to stay strong in her days.

Tina certainly suffered from the misunderstanding, but she was angry at Newt. So the moment I met Leta, I thought Tina felt a little bit shy, when you meet someone who you think was engaged to the one you love. In some cases, there are women who blame other women reflexively, but after talking with Zoe as Leta, Tina and Leta would not be that kind of woman. For example, Tina has a scene where Leta helps her out, but I try to make sure they have the potential to develop friendship in the future. The women didn’t collide.”

Source: GetNews & Translation