JK Rowling

“Newt is the heart of these movies, and in a very different way to the way Harry was the heart of the first movies. Newt, for me, represents a man who is good without realising he’s good. He is a man who needs persuading to do anything except, what seems to him, interesting. But when Newt is persuaded, as he is in this movie, that there are other things that you must fight for, he will become a very formidable adversary.

Harry was born; he didn’t choose it. He was born to save the wizarding world. Newt is an adult man who is going to choose to fight. We see a man who could walk away and live in his own world, and who is choosing to take on this challenge. So, that for me is an interesting difference between the two heroes.

Newt is someone who has difficulty relating to humans. He’s happiest in the wild with creatures. And that’s an interesting character for me to write too because Newt’s journey is about becoming open to humans who have always seemed puzzling and a little frightening to him, far more than these massive beasts that he’s interested in.”

Source: YouTube