Jude Law

“There is a little bit more fun, absolutely, yeah, absolutely. And I think what they do very well is they always manage to find throughout, I think, this balance between drama and themes that are timely, timeless, but always quite familiar in that they’re big themes, they’re big emotions, but with this lightness of touch, and this humour, and of course this relish of the magic world, the Wizarding World. And I’m definitely allowed to play a little bit more on this one which is great, it’s absolutely great. I was so hoping to have that opportunity and they’re interesting experiences because you sorta sign up and don’t know much, you kinda know a little bit, you certainly don’t know where it’s going to go and I’m thrilled that I get to go where I get to go, but also the audience gets to go there.”

Source: 4DX Podcast