Jude Law

“It’s a big responsibility. He’s so precious and respected by so many; people love this character. And complicated. He’s a complicated character and it’s been a really, I think quite rare experience to go back and play someone in their youth to try and put together, demonstrate the journey that he goes on to become the man that everyone loves. And I think David Yates and David Heyman have done a brilliant job with these films, just managing to balance the fun, the spirit of magic, but also this drama of real people dealing with quite major issues. So, it is fun and it’s a lovely team but I do take it quite seriously because I think he’s, ya know if you put him up there, he’s a kind of like a Falstaff, isn’t he. Or a prosperer. He’s a big, weighty, historical character, and you can’t walk into those and say ‘oh where’s my wand’, you know.

Turning up at Leavesden and shooting on this rebuilt, I mean, they created four large intersections in Berlin with trams and cars and hundreds of extras and shops that if you go into you’re surprised there’s no-one actually in there serving you. The detail in all the shop fronts and all … this is huge and beautiful.”

Source: YouTube