Mads Mikkelsen

“I think the universe first and foremost is very interesting. It’s on the cool meter. It’s pretty cool for my kids even though they might be not Harry Potter people anymore they still love the franchise and so that’s cool.

And this is like an adult version where they, I think they have very touching love stories and the interaction between some of the characters in the stories. And I think there was an interesting background for my character that we are exploring a little more in this third film.
It’s always interesting to play someone who, in other people’s eyes, are doing terrible, terrible things, but, in his eyes, and his followers eyes, he’s doing the necessary thing and, in the long run, a very beautiful thing.
So that is obviously the conflict you can find everywhere in the world. Very few people come out and say, ‘I am evil, and that’s what I wanna be.’ They definitely believe that this will make the world a better place. So it’s always interesting to have that dilemma.

[On following Colin Farrell and Johnny Depp’s versions of Grindelwald]

These are hard choices of course because they’ve both put their marks on what they did. And we just need to make some bridges that people are aware of what character it is now. It has to be a bridge somehow. With that said there’s no way I can copy what Johnny did. He has a very specific way of doing his thing. And I think he’s such a wonderful actor that it would be creative suicide to go down that path. So I have to find it myself, and we can just hope that people will embrace that we are changing the course a little, but we are also building a bridge as much as we think we can.”

Source: Vanity Fair