Dan Fogler

“Last time we saw him he was on the bridge to Hogwarts at the end of Crimes of Grindelwald and he’s looking out on the horizon for her. Like he feels, like the door is wide open man. He has already forgiven her. He just loves her and you can imagine the time between the last movie and this movie, that’s a lot of waiting. He’s… Yeah. I think when you see him next he’s a guy who’s lost a lot. And it’s a reflection of the time period. We’re getting into the Great Depression. So, yeah, he’s in a funk when you first meet him.

We’re so excited for this next movie. It’s a real adventure like… My favourite was Azkaban from the Potter movies because you have a sense of the characters and then you can really throw them into a wild ride, you can really throw them into a crazy adventure. I loved Azkaban and all the time travel stuff, the werewolf stuff. And so, in the same regard, we get to have a lot of fun and my goodness we added some great characters and Jess, Jessica Williams, we had some really excellent chemistry.”

Source: ComicNewsInsider