Oliver Masucci

Q: You also play in the third part of the “Fantastic Beasts” blockbuster series. How was it suddenly to be on the set of a huge Hollywood production?

“Impressive! Fantastic Beasts wasn’t a set – it was an incredible number of sets. Several cities and countries, landscapes were built at Warner in Leavesden. They build London in London because then they can shoot longer and don’t have to shut off. Several new studio halls were built during the shooting. There was a whole Berlin quarter in the snow. Bamboo forests and waterfalls.

We shot a certain scene for over a month with a so-called Spidercam. The camera flies through the room, rotates 360 degrees, through the crowd and back again and always catches you somewhere. The whole cast was there. Alison Sudol, who plays the adorable Queenie, Eddie Redmayne, Jude Law, Ezra Miller and Mads Mikkelsen.”

Source: RTV.de