James Newton Howard

“I just presented David Yates with the first six reels of Fantastic Beasts 3. So, I’ve been working on the material I just showed him for four months, so it wasn’t like, ‘Oh, I started the movie last week, here’s my first ideas’, no. These are ideas that I have been shaping – close to two hours of music that I sent him – and there’s a whole bunch of notes, and it’s okay, I’m okay with that because how can you expect a director, who’s listening to a temp score for months in their movie to immediately embrace this brand new bunch of music from the composer. I mean, it’s just not human nature to be able to do that, so I expect, I won’t call it resistance, but I expect it to be a conversation. And David’s notes are extremely clear and I can’t argue with them because I get it, you know. It’ll be like, ‘Mm, you’re missing this point’, or, ‘You’re missing – this is a thread that really matters in the story. This is something that is, ultimately, the most important idea and I don’t feel like we’re really underscoring that in the way we should be’. So, you know, these kinds of things David, or any other director who really knows what they want to do, will point out things that I missed. As smart as I like to think I am, and as intuitive as I think I am, I need help.

I’m super excited about the Beasts movie, I think it’s by far the best one, it’s really good. Mads Mikkelsen is playing Grindelwald, he’s so great, and it’s just great. It’s full of magic, and scary stuff, and romantic – it’s just really fun.”

Source: YouTube