James Newton Howard

“The movie I’m working on now is Fantastic Beasts three. I’ve been composing it for eight months and rewritten a good part of it many times and I agree with you that exposure and immersion in a movie over a long period of time affords you a different kind of opportunity and you can rethink it, redo it, but it’s very painful sometimes.

Right now I’m working with David Yates. He always steers me one way- the most critical thing for him is story, and he’s absolutely right. So at a certain point the music, unless it’s serving the story, it doesn’t matter how good the music is.

For me, doing Fantastic Beasts here [at Abbey Road], the opportunity doesn’t get better than that. It’s two hours and twenty something minutes of music, all hell breaking loose, romance, adventure, magic; it’s great.”

Source: YouTube