Alison Sudol

“They both [Queenie & Credence] are newcomers in this world and they both have come in with broken hearts so there is a kinship. But with Credence, he’s in so much pain that he is like a wild animal. And as in pain as Queenie is, there is still a part of her that knew who she was – although whether she knows who she is anymore is to be discovered. But she hasn’t been searching for an identity like Credence. She has been loved, has loved in return… There is a stability in her from that that Credence sadly doesn’t have. Working with Ezra is wonderful. Ezra and I are friends. We didn’t really have much crossover in the past movies, so it was really nice to have scenes together and to have time to discuss the real-life versions of these quandaries that these characters are going through and how it relates to our lives. That was great. I really enjoyed it.”

Source: Bearpost