Dan Fogler

“He gets tricked by Lally to come out and show his true stripes. And then he sees that she is not a damsel in distress at all – that she is manipulating the whole situation, totally in charge. And when he sees this and sees that he’s been duped, he says, ‘No, no thank you. I want out; I don’t want any part of this,’ and he’s done with it. He feels like he got involved with these witches and wizards, and it was such a rollercoaster and he wants to get off. He just wants to get off the ride, but she knows that he’s this very noble, loyal individual deep down and that, no matter what, if she mentions Queenie, that’s going to pique his interest. Any chance to get back together with her makes him reconsider. And he obviously eventually says yes, and goes with her.”

Source: Bearpost