Mads Mikkelsen

“[Myself and Jude] did have quite a few conversations. One of the first scenes I had was one of the first scenes in the film, where we see Dumbledore and Grindelwald in a restaurant, and where we touch upon their past. There is a mutual respect for each other in the room, and a mutual love, I would say, and also a mutual fear. So, it was quite an interesting scene. It was as if – and we don’t go down that path in the film – but it is as old lovers who know each other very, very well. And there’s a bitterness, and there are still a whole bunch of emotions in it. So, that was a very interesting scene to start out with. It was almost like being not wizards, but just two very old friends who had somehow disappointed each other. And so, we took it from there. And then the wizards element was on top of everything, but we knew that would unfold throughout the film, so we didn’t have to do it in that scene, specifically. And Jude is just a lovely, fantastic actor to work with, and I was very blessed that one of the first scenes was a real acting scene with him. So, that was off to a good start.”

Source: Bearpost